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    Cigars and Tobacco Merchant Accounts

    Selling cigars/ cigarettes/ tobacco online requires exceptionally skilled and experienced credit card processing solutions, support, and redundancy which you can find all under our roof at Landmark Data Processing!

    Cigar and Tobacco Processing

    To sell products such as Cigar and Tobacco online, every business requires to abide by few things first. Since cigars and other tobacco products are categorized as high Risk and Regulated.

    It is crucial for such businesses to secure high-risk payment gateways and plan for redundancy before selling these products online. Many businesses bypass accepting credit cards due to their complex process but finding a suitable processor will allow you an edge over the competition! This is where Landmark Data Processing will best come to your aid.

    The Tobacco Industry

    Despite complicated regulations and complex banking rules yet, the tobacco industry thrives as an industry of billions of dollars which is an estimate of the Tabaco products that are only sold each year in the USA alone. Tobacco remains one of the most lucrative businesses globally for those who can navigate the industry’s regulations.

    Tobacco Payment Processing

    Without the assistance of payment processing, it is challenging to run an online business successfully. For decades now, the Government and health professionals have waged war on the tobacco industry. Even though it is legal to sell cigars and other tobacco products online, yet, loose rules have made it a proverbial minefield for sellers.

    Traditional processing options for Cigar and Tabaco business usually only form disappointment since several retailers encounter declines, shutdowns, and hold on to their revenue. But, if your business is established under the correct regulatory and specialized assistance from experts, they can leverage personal relationships with banks in order to keep your account open and with good standings.

    When processing credit cards, your business must find a processor to combat fraud, mitigate risk, and communicate with the merchant bank. For a merchant to shut down in this industry, it is no big. This would mean that your money/ payments will be kept on hold for approximately 180 days, after which it will be closed. When in this industry, ensure that your business is initiated appropriately and adequately!

    Landmark Data Processing Is Your Tobacco Specialist

    If you require a tobacco processing merchant account, we are here for you. Landmark Data Processing is the best high-risk tobacco credit card processor; we specialize in hard-to-place industries and operate with dozens of banks to find you the most appropriate fit for your business. You need a processor who recognizes the difficulties that your business will face while providing and securing your business with long-term solutions for them.

    We are your ideal merchant consultants who will best develop custom solutions that reduce risk and enable long-term processing for your business. Some of these solutions also include:

    • Direct communication with the acquiring banks
    • Chargeback mitigation
    • Maintaining your compliance
    • Secure integrated payment gateways
    • Fraud prevention

    Landmark Data Processing secures your business’s risk level, which is estimated based on several factors during the initiation of the process. By reducing risk, you ensure your website displays are transparent, including the privacy and refund policies. We also reduce risk by securing the SSLs of your web pages and other factors that influence the risk and approval of the credit scores, prior bank statements, and the histories of other merchant accounts.

    Landmark Data Processing Offers Long Term Solutions

    We are skilled at fast-tracking your application by customizing the payment processing application for each cigar and tobacco merchant. At Landmark Data Processing, we produce high approval rates and faster setups. We are in it and with you for the long term. We often build substantial relationships with our clients that extend outside of your business. With us, you are a part of the team and not just a customer.

    Are You Ready to Associate?

    Get a merchant account and, with confidence, start processing card payments with us at Landmark Data Processing; we’ll custom-build a package for your business and integrate it into your existing website!

    Get Started Right Away!

    Landmark Data Processing is your best option if you seek to improve your business. We are the best online credit card processing and POS system installation in the USA


    Our mission is to help our clients achieve their business aims! With this very orientation, we have continued to grow and evolve throughout the years. Landmark Data Processing has every solution for your business as the most credited industry-led and customer-centric payment service provider.