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    We Prep Businesses for Tax

    Landmark Data Processing offers Tax Prep and Accounting Merchant Accounts during busy tax seasons and across the year. All our clients require is availing our services, an accounting tax prep merchant account to accept credit cards payments, and from there on, we’ll have them catered to.

    In today’s time, finding a credible credit card processor may be more complicated than one may imagine. There is a high possibility that traditional banks will likely turn away from your business since this industry is considered to be at a constant high risk while hard-to-place by a few clearing banks.

    The Reasons to Why Accounting Merchant Accounts Are at High Risk

    Accounting Merchant Accounts are listed as high risk for tax preparation compared to the other businesses in the financial industry. The reasons for such is mentioned below:

    1st Reason: Accepting Payments via MoTo (Mail Order/ Telephone Order)

    The MoTo transaction is highly common though it tends more insecure than in-person payments. MoTo payments have fewer failsafe to prevent fraud. Acquiring banks prefer to help brick-and-mortar enterprises with physical products, which makes tax preparation services to find payment processing support harder, but not impossible.

    2nd Reason: Accounting Is a Service

    Such businesses do not deal with physical products and services. Accounting services, particularly student loan consolidation or debt counseling, commonly have debt issues or bad credit clientele. The things that come along with it are higher rates of chargebacks and frauds.

    3rd Reason: High Average Ticket Sizes

    Tax preparation businesses and CPAs offer high average ticket services with several high ticket sizes of hundreds of dollars or even more. Other than inconsistent incomes after tax seasons can lead banks to classify or categorize them as high risk.

    Several banks have strict policies that keep them from associating with such businesses. Landmark Data Processing is a high-risk payment processor that is competent to measure these individual risks. While finding for adequate tools that will aid to overcome the risk factors placing the business with the right bank. So go ahead and set up your account with us to attain seamless credit card processing services.

    We Are Considered as The Best Credit Card Processor in The Industry

    Landmark Data Processing strives to provide secure, PCI-compliant solutions to initiate processing for every kind of credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, etc. Now you can do businesses with more clients through our integrated online gateways and in-store terminal options. So Are looking forwards to excel your business while keeping you safe from possible frauds.

    Are You Ready to Associate?

    Get a merchant account and, with confidence, start processing card payments with us at Landmark Data Processing; we’ll custom-build a package for your business and integrate it into your existing website!

    Get Started Right Away!

    Landmark Data Processing is your best option if you seek to improve your business. We are the best online credit card processing and POS system installation in the USA.