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    CBD Payment Processing

    The study and growing demand for cannabis products have emphasized the legitimacy and promise of this business in the next years. CBD and hemp products have completely transformed the industry. CBD and hemp products are no longer restricted to a small group of individuals but are available in a wide range of marketplaces.

    CBD and Hemp; High-Risk

    After you’ve officially formed your company, you’ll want to start setting up an account to accept payments from consumers. Unfortunately, due to the link with cannabis, very few credit card processors will be able to authorize your business for most CBD businesses. This is because CBD products are considered “high risk” by some merchant account providers. Banks are highly picky about the sorts of customers they serve.

    Despite the popularity, processors such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square do not necessarily accept CBD-related businesses. Even if you begin the process of opening a merchant account, you run the danger of having your account canceled if they discover your company sells CBD products.

    Hemp and CBD Products Supported by Landmark Data Processing

    • Beauty Products
    • CBD Ingestible
    • CBD Pet Products
    • Drinks
    • Hemp Oil
    • Pain Relief Sprays
    • Skincare
    • Supplements & Capsules
    • Tinctures & Oil

    ***Sorry NO Delta 8 or Kratom products can be processed for payment at this time***

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    Get a merchant account and, with confidence, start processing card payments with us at Landmark Data Processing; we’ll custom-build a package for your business and integrate it into your existing website!

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